Mini Family Weekend Recap

Last weekend we loaded up Zeno and made the pilgrimage to visit my parents who live just a bit south of Grand Junction, CO.  The idea was to visit with the folks and be on stage to receive my cousin Chad who is moving from Arizona to Colorado.  We left Friday afternoon in a bit

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Site Updates and More

I’ve been busy recently and thus haven’t done the best job staying on top of posting about work I’ve done on Zeno, places we’ve been.  I’ve started to flesh out the site a whole lot more, changed the theme, included a few more dudes in the list, and may even update the URL. Expect more

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Fiamma 45s

Picked up my Fiamma 45s awning last night. Indeed, another story in and of itself, but I got up this morning to assemble and install the thing on Zeno. First impressions, the GW brackets I bought to mount it to my van don’t work out of the box with the high top. There is a

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Using Cozi to Organize for the Trip

I started this process like I always do with a pad of paper and a pencil. And as I built the manifest for the trip there were scratches and then I lost a sheet of paper somewhere along the way and Tess wanted to contribute, but I had the list. The paper list is dead

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The Route Out

Tess, Aral and I will depart sometime later this week and this is the route we will probably follow to Western Colorado.

On The Way

New tires (BF Goodrich – All-Terrain T/A KO Size: LT215/75R15/6), new black 15″ SA steel rims and the awning are all on their way and should arrive tomorrow.

Fuel Leak

Just found the friggin fuel leak. Talk about needle in a hay stack.

Road Trip/Mechanic School/Road Trip

What a freakin awesome weekend! If you didn’t get out last weekend you missed out. First, weekend of summer and everything went super well. Ok, I take that back … but it was an adventure. So the plan was laid out something like this: Friday afternoon drive to Phoenix, OR. Camp along the way, enjoy

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Overdue Update

Introduction So spring is more or less over and summer is certainly on its way. Yep, I’ve been remiss in my updates. So to remedy my negligence (and who can blame me, it’s tough to update your blog after you spend all your time off working to fix your van up) I am composing the

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1st on a 5-speed

Zeno has a 5-speed transaxle on which I will inform you dear reader that I almost never use 1st. Its way, way down there. I mean, it is helpful if you’ve got to start the van from a stop on a very steep hill, but in normal driving conditions I just never get a chance

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