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End of the Machine Age for Me

Folks, bills are rolling in from hospitals and physicians alike and for the first time in a long time I’m faced with mounting medical costs and reduced to no income for a time. I’ve already burnt through my medical savings funds and started chipping away at the nest egg. Stuck between a rock and a

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Zeno is Back in the Shop

The rest of the Porche 930 kit showed up today and I promptly fired up Zeno and headed over to the shop. The new CVs should be good to go by tomorrow sometime.

Zeno’s AUX system

Howdy Folks, I’ve been trying to get on top of my AUX electrical system recently and could use some help from folks who have more experience and perhaps know how in this area. The AUX battery is already in place, the battery tender is there as well. I’m trying to design the circuits which will

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Mini Family Weekend Recap

Last weekend we loaded up Zeno and made the pilgrimage to visit my parents who live just a bit south of Grand Junction, CO.  The idea was to visit with the folks and be on stage to receive my cousin Chad who is moving from Arizona to Colorado.  We left Friday afternoon in a bit

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Fiamma 45s

Picked up my Fiamma 45s awning last night. Indeed, another story in and of itself, but I got up this morning to assemble and install the thing on Zeno. First impressions, the GW brackets I bought to mount it to my van don’t work out of the box with the high top. There is a

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