This Dude

This is a collection of stories and projects surrounding our latest project; the reconstruction and design of a 1983 Volkswagen Vanagon.  As you can probably imagine any 26 year old vehicle presents its owner with a set of challenges.  That said, the intent here is to fix this van so it’s better-than-new.  The overall condition is important because we’re looking to build some parcelation into our day-to-day lives.  The bus will act as a mobile substrate for living and working all over.

You may not be aware of the sub-cultural tradition of naming a bus/Vanagon.  These vehicles are a lot like boats.  Growing up my parents had two.  The first was a splitty named “Sylvester” and the second was a bay-widow Type-2 transporter named “Gus”.  After I won the vehicle this site will detail I ended up flying to southern California to pick it up.  My intent was to drive it about 2,000 miles from Anaheim to central Washington with nothing, but a small set of rolling tools and some MattGyver witts.

Tess named the van Zeno after Zeno of Elea as well as a character in Kim Stanly Robinson’s Science in the Capital series.  In both cases the name is auspicious, regardless of the paradoxes attributed to the first or the cantankerous nature of the second.

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