Zeno’s AUX system

Howdy Folks,

I’ve been trying to get on top of my AUX electrical system recently and could use some help from folks who have more experience and perhaps know how in this area. The AUX battery is already in place, the battery tender is there as well. I’m trying to design the circuits which will power sub-systems down range of the battery and I’ve outlined how I think it might work best below.

Zeno AUX system

Zeno AUX system

I may include a 7th circuit to power some light duty fans I have in Zeno as well. You can see that the power is distributed from a common line from the battery and fusible link and then returned via a common BUS to the battery as ground.

Below is a short list of parts, take a look and tell me if I’m smoking crack or if you think this will work.

DB Link ANL 150 150 Amp ANL Fuse – Qty 2, 5.99 ea, 11.98
Scoshe EQFH Single ANL Fuse Holder – Qty 1, 6.95 ea, 6.95
Ancor 112002 Marine Grade Electrical Tinned Copper Cable (6 GA), Qty 2 at 25′, 43.93, 87.86
Blue Sea Systems 5029 Fuse Block Screw Term Blade – Qty 1, 35.91, 35.91
Blue Sea 1011 12V DC Socket = Qty 2, 12.72, 25.44
LED Bar Light – Pivoting, Water resistant 12V DC LED Courtesy convenience lamp, 6″ with on/off switch – Qty 4, 22.95, 91.80
LED Bar Light – Pivoting, Water resistant, 12″ Lamp, 12V DC Courtesy convenience lamp, 12″ with on/off switch – Qty 1, 34.95, 34.95
Whynter FM-65G 65-Quart Portable Refrigerator/Freezer, Platinum – Qty 1, 634.97, 643.97
Blue Sea Systems 2105 MaxiBus 250 Amp Common BUS Bar (12x) – Qty 1, 34.95, 34.95

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