Lift Completed

Right Side

Right Side

So let’s start with the ride.  The strut replacement represents a huge improvement in the way Zeno drives.  Not an easy thing to quantify, but from a guy who’s used to driving really old cars long after they’ve superseded the useful service of suspension parts its like driving a new car.

Right Front with A-Arm

Right Front with A-Arm

Then there’s the fact that the top of the forward wheel well now sits above my hip.  I’m a tall guy so you just know that this means lots of additional clearance.  In the van I’m used to sitting high enough that I usually look across traffic at about eye level.  With the lift I’m now looking down on traffic in all directions.



Finally, check out the general lack of sag in the rear.  The engine replacement caused some additional sag and there was some when I bought the van back in 2009.  Now it sits high enough that I don’t really have to worry about whacking it on most things.

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