CLK Hand Off

My early morning was made even earlier still by the spring time change scheduled for today. I changed Zeno’s oil yesterday and did some minor electrical work which I’ll get into later, but since I sold my old set of CLK to Joel in Manitou Springs I’ve been holding onto them in anticipation of a hand-off. This morning we scheduled the hand-off to occur outside of Salida, CO as he was passing through on his way to Durango to pick up a new van acquisition.

Clear skies meant colder temperatures, but the van started easily. I think Mud Month is upon us. I got the van going and loaded the dogs into the back. We headed on up Hwy 50 towards Monarch Pass with the sun breaking over a storm system that seems centered over the Front Range. The Sawatch was looking pretty barren of snow even at 11K’. No kidding, the base was slim, wind blown and way below expectation. This year is going to be a drought year for sure.

The climb up the pass wasn’t too bad, I kept the van between 35 and 40 to avoid pushing the cooling system. The drive down the east side was windy but fast. We pulled into the parking lot of the Post Office in Poncha Springs, CO at about 8:45. Right on time.

Joel showed up a little later in his truck and we unloaded the rims and tires from the van. Really nice guy, he even paid a bit for the fuel I burned making the transfer.

I decided that I was hungry enough I should do something about it and drove on into Salida where I had a breakfast of corned beef hash and eggs at the First Street Cafe. Very tasty, I then set out and did kind of a wide loop up to 285 before returning back to 50. Shavano and Tabeguache loomed in the west and I think I could hear them calling. Just a little more melting and I’ll be back up there.

Return trip over the pass went well. It was gusty at times as I dropped down toward Gunnison, but I was able to maintain speeds in excess of 60 most of the time.

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