End of the Machine Age for Me

Folks, bills are rolling in from hospitals and physicians alike and for the first time in a long time I’m faced with mounting medical costs and reduced to no income for a time. I’ve already burnt through my medical savings funds and started chipping away at the nest egg. Stuck between a rock and a

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Zeno is Back in the Shop

The rest of the Porche 930 kit showed up today and I promptly fired up Zeno and headed over to the shop. The new CVs should be good to go by tomorrow sometime.

CV Bolts on the Way

Mail from Brul this morning indicates that the bolts and the rest of the kit will arrive on Monday the 26th. This means that the van will be in the shop hopefully Monday or Tuesday next week. I’m going to call the shop and see if we can get it back by Wednesday if parts

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New Proche 930 CVs Minus Bolts

Burl sent me a message yesterday before they arrived to let me know that the CV bolts didn’t get shipped with the rest of the CV replacement kit. Bit of a bummer, but hey, the rest of the kit arrived today and he assured me that the bolts made it into FedEx too.

Going Home!

Thanks to Gary Gibson for once again making so many things happen, I just got my 2012 Burning Man ticket. Zeno and I will be going home with the rest of you nuts at VW Bus Camp

Zeno’s AUX system

Howdy Folks, I’ve been trying to get on top of my AUX electrical system recently and could use some help from folks who have more experience and perhaps know how in this area. The AUX battery is already in place, the battery tender is there as well. I’m trying to design the circuits which will

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Lift Completed

So let’s start with the ride.  The strut replacement represents a huge improvement in the way Zeno drives.  Not an easy thing to quantify, but from a guy who’s used to driving really old cars long after they’ve superseded the useful service of suspension parts its like driving a new car. Then there’s the fact

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The Lift Underway

I took Zeno into the shop this morning to get started on installing the lift.  The new A-arms came in about two weeks back and I’ve been sitting on them waiting on a who knows what.  Last Friday I talked to the shop and they said to bring it on in as soon as I

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Oil Change and AUX System Reroute

Yesterday it was well above 50F so I used the afternoon to pick up on some maintenance I’ve been putting off on the Zeno because of the cold. First off I needed to change the oil so I swung over to NAPA and dropped some dough on new filters and some DELO (15W30). They don’t

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CLK Hand Off

My early morning was made even earlier still by the spring time change scheduled for today. I changed Zeno’s oil yesterday and did some minor electrical work which I’ll get into later, but since I sold my old set of CLK to Joel in Manitou Springs I’ve been holding onto them in anticipation of a

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